Pool Cleaning

pool cleaning
Pike Pool and Spa is your local and reliable resource for pool-related work in Pasadena, CA, and throughout the San Gabriel Valley.. We are a full-service pool care business, and our qualified professionals are able to address nearly any issue that arises. We provide superior routine maintenance in order to keep everything clean and sparkely so that the water is always properly balanced. Whatever you particular need, we’ll come to your aid and address it promptly.

Nobody wants a dirty pool when the sun is shining in Pasadena, and you can always count on us to make sure your pool is perfect and ready for your effortless enjoyment. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, which is why our qualified technicians always pay attention to detail. We check and adjust the water indursty, brush down the tiles and check the water level. All debris is removed from the pool both on the surface and the bottom. We empty all the baskets and leaf traps. The equipment is inspected for early signs of trouble, ensuring your investment is protected. We want your pool perfect and ready for your effortless enjoyment. We expect our team members to do their best, and that translates to excellent service.

If you’re around Pasadena, CA, pool your quest may be easier than you think. We’ve got an experienced team ready to make sure yours is in optimal condition. You can always expect great work from us because we’re trying to win you as a lifetime customer! Whenever you’re ready for professional work, we’ll come by your Pasadena, CA, residence and get started. Pike Pool and Spa is committed to your satisfaction, so give us a call today.